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Zhuoer Six advantagesProvide you with better customized services for glass products

More than 18 years of industry experienceActively explore the international market

Zall has been specializing in the production and sale of all kinds of mirror furniture and mirror art ornaments, glass crafts, and mirror cabinets for more than 18 years.

Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe; domestic Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan and other places.

Creative teamTo meet the needs of a variety of custom

With a high-quality team, there are many professionals in art, advertising, and decoration design. They can propose various creative planning solutions according to the needs of customers to meet all customization needs of customers.

The cost is reduced to the extremeGive you the best price

From the procurement of raw materials to production processes and product packaging, through layers of optimization to ensure quality, the cost is reduced to the extreme. Among them, the cost of material procurement is reduced by 10%, labor saving is 20%, material consumption is reduced by 10%, and packaging is saved by 30%.

Strong production strengthOne-stop professional glass processing enterprises

The company occupies an area of 6,000 square meters, and has become a one-stop professional glass processing enterprise integrating product development, design, production and processing, logistics and distribution, and customs export.

New management mode perfect technology

The company respects the entrepreneurial spirit of "down-to-earth, hard work, responsibility", and creates a good corporate environment with integrity, win-win, and pioneering business philosophy, with a new management model , Perfect technology, good service, good quality is fundamental to survival.

Provide one-stop service Give you the best price

7*24 hours logistics distribution and installation. /p>

Professional after-sales service team, intimate service, regular follow-up visit and follow-up display situation, solve all problems for you.

Zhuoer-One-stop customized service processLet you save money, worry and effort

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IntroductionCustomized glass products

zhuoer Glass Craftwork Factory is an integrated enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and professional color matching of decorative glass craftwork. Products are mainly sold to the United States, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, ...。 【More】

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Laminated glass defects and solutions
4.3.2 Large bubbles on the edge of the glass (1) The semi-circular bubbles appearing on the lower part of the glass are due to the material of the working support in the autoclave being too soft, causing the laminated glass to be separated to form bubbles.    Solution method:   Working bracket material adopts harder material.      (2) The semicircle that appears around the glass...
How to choose a wardrobe glass sliding door
1. Choose    frosted and cloth-textured glass doors according to the material to give people the illusory feeling of ignorance and obscurity, which can create a variety of unique effects under the mapping of indoor lighting, which is suitable for the taste of the trendy and fashionable people. Silver-plated glass gives a noble atmosphere of high-end luxury. The transparent glass door is crystal clear...
The hazards of poor quality insulating glass
Insulating glass has good heat insulation and sound insulation. Its appearance has good aesthetic applicability, but now there are more and more manufacturers of insulating glass. Many inferior insulating glass appear on the market. Will be deceived by themselves, what harm does buying some fake and shoddy products? ...

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